11 Rudest Shopping Habits You Need to Break Right Now

Giving items directly to the cashier

To slow the transmission of COVID-19 and protect both grocery store employees as well as shoppers, grocery retailers have installed plexiglass partition at the checkout counters to foster physical distancing. So, if you think it’s a good idea to ignore those plexiglass barriers and hand the items in your cart directly to the cashier, think again. You’re only ruining the entire purpose of those partitions, not to mention breaking social distancing rules.

If you’re worried that the belt being touched by numerous people, don’t be. Cashiers are required to wipe and sanitize them regularly, to eliminate germs, bacteria and viruses. In fact, here are 5 Things You Should Know About Supermarkets During COVID-19 Pandemic that might make you feel safer.

Taking a phone call at the register

Stopping mid-conversation with a friend or coworker to take a phone call or reply to a text message is rude, so what makes you think pulling out your phone at the cash register is any better? Not only is it disrespectful towards the cashier, but you’re also putting other people at risk, by forcing them to wait in line more until you’re done with your conversation, throwing the limited contact rule down the drain.

Speaking of rude, you might also want to find out more about these 10 Things Coronavirus Changed From Rude to Normal.


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