13 Cleaning Mistakes You’re Probably Making at Home

Not Cleaning Your Fridge Vent

While a lot of people clean their fridges regularly, an equal amount of people forget all about the grill and vent. More often than not, a buildup of dust will slow down your system and, before you know it, you’re shopping for a new fridge!

It’s best to clean the vent once a month by using an all-purpose spray and a soft cloth. You can also use your vacuum by attaching a hose extension that will help you get into those hard to reach areas. Lastly, make sure to clean the back and top of your fridge as those areas are just as forgotten and need as much attention as other parts of your home.

Now your fridge is squeaky clean inside and out!

Using the Same Cloth to Clean an Entire Space

When it comes to cleaning your home, conserving time, and materials by using the same cloth for an entire space is the wrong way to go. You’re actually doing yourself a disservice by spreading germs from one room to the next, such as from your kitchen to your bathroom or worse, the other way around!

Buy sets of cleaning cloths, preferably multicolored so that each room gets a color. Once you’re done with your cleaning, throw them in the washer- rinse and repeat… literally!

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