12 Inventions That Shaped the World of DIY-ing Forever

The Paint Roller

The sheer thought of having to paint an entire wall, or God forbid an entire room, with nothing but a paintbrush gives us the shivers. Luckily, we have paint rollers nowadays, making the job 100% easier.

But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for this invention. David and Morris Welt invented the first paint roller in 1938 and to say that it wasn’t great is a bit of an understatement. They didn’t soak enough paint, making the process even more tedious. The stipple roller was doing far, far better.

It took them another decade to perfect the paint roller until, in 1953, the Family Handyman magazine finally offer it its rightful spotlight.

Pocket Hole Joinery

Pros and DIY-ers everywhere use Craig Commerfeld’s pocket hole joinery almost every time they get to woodworking. He isn’t the inventor of the joinery itself, but by creating the Kreg Jig, he turned an industrial method into an affordable option for woodworkers everywhere.

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