15 Things You Should Be Getting Rid of This Winter

Damaged tote bags

If you’ve been ‘meaning to fix’ your old tote bags for a while now, let’s get real… those straps are never going back together so you may as well throw the bags out! Worse, if by now your tote bag still has some beach sand at the bottom, it’s a lost cause.

You can prepare for the summer season in advance by purchasing a new one right now, which will make you feel better about throwing the old one out too. Canvas bags from Dalix have excellent reviews, so you could shop for a $12.98 bag right now without feeling like you’re overspending.

Old baseball hats

Let’s face it… you’re probably not going to wear those old baseball hats, especially not with winter coming up. If they’re starting to come apart then it’s not only time for an upgrade, but also a switch.

While you’re on the market for new baseball hats, check out the winter beanie section instead. Try the revolutionary ones that include Bluetooth speakers in order to stay warm, look stylish, and enjoy your music (or audiobooks) without the hassle of cords!

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