15 Things You Should Be Getting Rid of This Winter

Your seashell collection

Ask yourself why you always collect shells at the beach if you’re never going to use them?

If you’re not a crafty person so you don’t plan on making decorations out of them then there’s no use in keeping them around, especially if they’ll much rather turn into dust at the back of some closet… or at the bottom of your previously mentioned, broken tote bag.

If you’re in need of new decorations then this winter season you should display a set of birch bark flameless candles to make your living space seem more in touch with nature and cozy.

Faded swimsuits

This is not the season for swimsuits. If you, like thousands of other Americans, typically pack summer clothes away while taking out comfy sweaters, don’t just throw old swimsuits in with the rest of your clothes.

Here we’re talking about the faded swimsuits, the ones with stretched-out elastic or the not-so-flattering ones.

To make yourself feel better about throwing them out, head on over to your favorite online store and look for sable-knit sweaters that will make you feel warm all winter long.

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