15 Things You Should Be Getting Rid of This Winter

Threadbare throw blankets

The threadbare throw blankets you’ve been holding on to for years are not going to keep you warm this Holiday season. If yours are fraying, if they’re stretched out and if they have holes in them, why keep them?

If you like curling up on the couch for a good movie, TV show, or book, time to treat yourself with a weighted blanket that’ll feel like a real-life hug. For a few extra dollars, you can buy a heated and weighted blanket. That extra warmth will be worth it, we promise!

Old spices

If you have jars with too little left for a recipe, there’s no point in keeping those spices around. Even if your jars are still nearly full, it’s likely that all those spices won’t be as yummy next BBQ season, so throwing them out is the smart way to go.

But don’t leave your pantry empty, either. Time to upgrade to a new collection of spices, such as the Gourmet Collection’s spice blend that includes celery seeds, mustard, and sage. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect blend for comfort food?

Then, when you’ll be ready to rub your BBQ with spices as the weather gets warmer, you’ll have an array of empty jars ready to be filled up.

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