15 Things You Should Be Getting Rid of This Winter

Leaky water bottles

If your drinkware cabinet looks like a leaky mess, time to throw out all those useless water bottles. It’s not like you can fix leaky water bottles anyway, so unless you’re holding onto them for nostalgia, it’s time they went away for good. Yes, even the one that’s just missing a lid.

If you need to repopulate that space with a new water bottle, get a sweatproof, insulated tumbler while you’re at it too for all your favorite, warm winter beverages.

Broken flip-flops

Don’t even get us started on flip flops with uncomfortable toe pegs… or flip flops that look like they’re going to break down with just one touch. Or the flip flops that your furry friend has already started chewing through!

Those things should not see the inside of your closet until next summer when they’ll be thrown out anyway. Say goodbye to them and reorganize the shoes and sandals that are still in good condition. Then, get yourself cozy faux-fur slippers as a reward!

Flimsy rakes

If you’ve struggled to rake your leaves this fall, why are you adamant about holding on to your flimsy rake? Is it missing tines or is it too flimsy? Get rid of it and make room for a brand new snow shovel, provided your current one is just as flimsy as the rake you just threw out.

Oh, and if you are on the market for a new shovel, make sure you get an ergonomic option that will make your life much, much easier! Forget about paying the kid next door to take care of the snow for you when you can do it yourself faster and safer with the right type of shovel.


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