6 Things You Can Use Your Extra Money on This Holiday Season

Pay Off Debts

Drowning in debt? So are many of your compatriots. In fact, we’re about $1 trillion dollars in debt. So now would be a good time to start chipping away at it. Your extra dollars will go a long way, and you’ll be thanking yourself in the future once you’ll finally pay off that pesky debt.

Are you planning on saving for a vacation further down the road when travel will become safe again? Well, you’ll be able to save up more if you tackle your debt first. The same goes for any big purchase you’re planning on making!

We hope our list has rekindled your joy for the holidays, even if you’re spending them away from family and friends. Remember, the best thing you can do with money is to use it wisely, so now’s your chance to show off your savvy financial skills and make the most of the extra dollars in your bank account!

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