12 Weirdest Taxes You Probably Paid Across the U.S.

Premade Food Tax

If you’re struggling to make ends meet and live in Michigan, you’re better of making food from scratch back home. The Great Lake state is currently taxing premade food, meaning that if you’re in the mood for apple pie, you’re going to pay extra.

If, however, you make some room in your busy schedule and buy apples and flour individually, you’ll end up paying less. All in all, we think this is also a clever way of making people stick to healthier options instead of always reaching for packaged foods.

Sin Taxes

A sin tax is applied on anything the lawmakers deem immoral, or at least something they believe is frowned upon but that is nevertheless perfectly legal. Here we’re talking about taxes on alcohol, gambling, and tobacco. In some cases, where prostitution is legal, it also has a sin tax applied.

The argument for these taxes is that they’re for your own good since the government supposedly believes it’ll save you from yourself. If you get sick and tired of paying extra money, you might just give up those things, right? At the very least, you’ll probably consume these things in moderation.

Whether you chose to believe this is for your own good or not, it’s clear that the government collects huge sums of money from these taxes!

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