12 Weirdest Taxes You Probably Paid Across the U.S.

Maryland’s Flush Tax

Yep, we’re not joking. Maryland actually does have a flush tax- well, they didn’t call it that, it’s just what’s been dubbed by the general public since it’s been put into place in 2004. The state basically added taxes for water as the numerous (and believe us, they are numerous!) flushing toilets raised the nitrogen and phosphorous levels in the Chesapeake Bay.

You might be enraged by such a tax, but it actually did a lot of good to the environment. The money was used to upgrade waste treatment plans and, ever since, it helped revitalize the bay’s marine life.

The New York Sliced Bagel Tax

If you live in New York and you’re hurrying to get to work, you might stop to get yourself a quick breakfast- a bagel, to be more exact. Buy it plain and you won’t pay anything extra. Add toppings such as cream cheese and your bagel will shift from bakery food to restaurant food. In that case, you’ll be subject to a higher tax rate.

But it goes even further than that. If you don’t want any toppings but would like your bagels to be cut in half, you’ll still have to pay extra since it now qualifies as prepared food.

So, what caused this outrageous tax? In 2010, New York had a whopping $10 billion deficit. In order to stop the state from drowning, it had to come up with inventive ways to make more money. Enter the sliced bagel tax and the rest is history.



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