12 Weirdest Taxes You Probably Paid Across the U.S.

Illinois Candy Tax Double Standard

What? A double standard on candy? For all those with a sweet tooth out there, we’re sorry to say that yes, Illinois taxes their candy differently.

If you want to avoid paying top dollar for candy, we recommend you buy a Twix, since it only comes with a 1% sales tax. A Snickers, however, will cost you another 6.24%! That’s because Twix contains flour, which makes it exempt. Any candy that contains flour as an ingredient is exempt, to check the ingredients list if you want to find out if your favorite is among them or not!

Connecticut Diaper Tax

Struggling single mothers in Connecticut had a field day in 2018 when lawmakers finally got rid of the dreaded diaper tax.

The controversial mandate hit disposable diapers and feminine hygiene products, meaning you had to pay extra for those. It’s likely that they got rid of this insane tax because it disproportionately affected struggling single mothers, one of the state’s most vulnerable demographics.



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