3 Ways to Dodge Taxes Legally & Crazy Loopholes People Used!

2. Cats can bring you money too

For Jan Van Dusen, a cat lover sheltering over 70 felines, mostly taken off the streets, money became an issue in 2004 when the costs of caring for the helpless cats piled up. To recover some of those costs and continue helping strays, Van Dusen filed her tax return and tried to write off $12,068 for food, vet bills, paper towels and other cat-rescue items.

The IRS, however, turned down her claim, informing her that the costs were considered personal costs, therefore, not deductible. Van Dusen decided to take matters to court and, in the end, she was finally given the requested deduction.

3. Exotic dancer deducted her breast implants

Cynthia Hess, going by her stage name Tonda Marie, was an exotic dancer who wanted to increase her income by increasing her bust size. From $416 – $750 a week, her new bra size 56FF added $ 70000 to her income during a 20-week period. The change in bra size also prompted Hess to change her stage name into Chesty Love.

The exotic dancer tried to deduct her added breasts, which weighed more than 10 pounds each, a business expense. The IRS would not have it, so she sued them. After a rather long battle, the tax court ruled in Chesty Love’s favor and decided to grant her the deduction.

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