12 Out of the Box Money-saving Tips You Need to Try!

4. Carry Cash

Sure, buying stuff with a card is straightforward… but is it economical?

No, not according to new studies. Research has shown that if you want to save money you should start carrying cash. You’ll spend less when you have tangible money and you’ll see exactly what you’re leaving behind at the cash register.

You can also only carry $50s and $100s. These bills are harder to break and could stop you from making impulse purchases!

5. Make a DIY Cleaner

Cleaning your house top to bottom can get rather expensive, especially if you’re using different products for different surfaces.

A DIY cleaner is the best money-saving solution, and we guarantee you can make one right now with stuff that you’ve already got. First, you need a heat-resistant glass container. Then, start adding leftover citrus peels before mixing in equal parts boiling water and white vinegar.

You need to let this mixture sit for a week before using it, so time your deep cleaning chores accordingly.

6. Save by Using a Clothesline

Using a clothesline may seem old-fashioned and time-consuming, but it’s really not. By doing so, you’ll save money on dryer sheets and electricity. Plus, your clothes will last much longer, so you won’t have to go out and get a new wardrobe as frequently as you probably do now.

It’s also estimated that you’ll save around $10 for every hour that you hang your clothes instead of drying them in an electric dryer… Now it doesn’t seem so old-fashioned anymore, does it?

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