12 Out of the Box Money-saving Tips You Need to Try!

10. Save Rainwater

Want to start being more eco-friendly while saving money? Install a rain barrel and shoot two birds with one stone, especially if you have a garden or lawn to tend to.

Want another incentive? Depending on where you live, this move could come with certain tax benefits. Some states really want to encourage homeowners to reduce stormwater runoff, so now’s a great time to get informed on what your area might do for you if you install a barrel!

11. Stay Away From Extended Service Plans

Extended service plans really do sound like a good deal… on paper, at least. In theory? They suck money out of your wallet for no good reason.

If you’ve ever been in an electronics store, for example, you know what it feels like for employers to push these onto you. Sure, you’ll get some additional protection, but how often have you ever used the ones you’ve gotten?

A manufacturer’s warranty is usually all you need!

12. Grow Food, Not Lawns

Ask yourself, why do so many houses have plain old lawns? Why not something a little more exciting? Just for aesthetics? Well, if you ‘get with the program’ you’ll basically miss out on a great way to save money by growing your own food in your own garden.

A neighborhood garden or an eco-friendly yard is a great way to ditch leaving more money in the grocery store.

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