10 Most Relaxing Paint Color Ideas According to an Interior Designer

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A soft, warm gray isn’t just classic and chic, it’s downright mind-soothing.

“This is one of my favorite colors — a stunningly sophisticated ‘greige,’” says interior designer Gilles Clement. “It’s warm, inviting, soft, and soothing. The crown of greiges in my opinion. It definitely symbolizes a calm atmosphere and it is perfectly suited for a dining-room or a living-room.”


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Muted Blue

Blue conjures feelings of open air, sparkling beaches, and tranquil lakes. A bright and splashy blue has its place, but a muted version — such as Donald Kaufman Color’s Azurite — offers a sense of depth and complexity.

It also pairs beautifully with so many other colors and takes on a different effect throughout the day as the light changes.

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