9 Amazing American Mountain Towns You’ll Want To Retire To

Truckee, California

If you venture north of Lake Tahoe, you’ll land right in the middle of Truckee, California. Here you can spend your days exploring historic shops, breweries, markets and restaurants along with a community of some 20,000 residents.

Truckee is also the sight of the 19th-century Donner Party incident, a haunting piece of our history that many people have forgotten, but there’s truly nothing macabre about the town itself nowadays.

If anything, it’s a great destinations for seniors who want to stay active throughout the seasons since here you can engage in skiing, sledding and horseback riding, in addition to the all too familiar hiking and biking. If you want, you could even stop by the local bike and state parks to show the youngsters all your moves on a skateboard if you haven’t forgotten them!



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