Want to Save Money? Here Are 16 Effective Ways to Trick Yourself Into Doing It!

Quantify All Purchases in Terms of Hours Worked

Swiping your credit card for a costly purchase is easy. After all, companies want you to spend your money so they wouldn’t make you jump over any hurdles.

That’s why it’s important for you to provide those hurdles for yourself. By focusing on how many working hours you’ll have to work in order to afford a certain thing, you’re much less likely to swipe that card.

Similarly to how active people may calculate calories and how much they’d have to work out in order to eat pizza without ruining their progress, you’ll have to stop yourself from buying something until you figure out how much you’ll have to work for it. Let’s picture a $500 item that you’ve been eyeing. If you make $20 an hour, that means you’ll have to work 25 hours to afford it.

That’s three working days! Now it doesn’t seem all that worth it, does it?

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