10 Benefits of Warehouse Club Memberships That Are Worth The Money

It pays off

For a basic Costco membership (Gold Star) you’d have to pay $60, for a membership at Sam’s Club you are charged $45 while BJ’s membership costs $55. If you do your shopping at these stores at rather regular intervals, you’ll have no problem getting your money back one way or another.

What way would that be, more exactly? Well, as explained by Consumers’ Checkbook you should be able to save around 30%-40% if you shop at Costco and Sam’s Club instead of a regular supermarket. Although BJ’s seems to be a bit more costly than the other two, it’s still a better option than other supermarket chains.

With the average family of four spending around $900 per month on groceries or about $11,000 a year, spending just $200 to get back the membership money and saving 30 percent in the process seems quite the bargain, wouldn’t you say?

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