9 Reasons You Should File Your Taxes NOW!

More Time to Find a Tax Preparer

If you need help with your taxes, waiting until the very last second to find a tax preparer could be your downfall. By now, they’re all probably incredibly busy, and most of them might turn you away- the good ones, at least.

Just think about it, if they were busy before then they’re probably ten times busier now during the pandemic when more people might need assistance. So, not only do they have to squeeze in a lot of potential clients, but they also have to study new tax laws while managing remote employees.

If you offer them an extra month, you’ll be sure to get good services while also offering them the time they need in order to prepare your taxes without a hitch.

And if you don’t think they need the extra time then ask yourself why so many organizations have even asked the IRS to push the deadline even further, possibly to June 15th or even later! While this is unlikely to happen, it’s better to stay ahead of their busy schedules and contact one as soon as possible!

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