23 Items You Can Return to Costco But Other Retailers Won’t Take Back


Return policies are kind of different in this department, mostly due to hygiene issues. At Kmart, for instance, mattresses returns are considered kind of icky and as such, no returns are allowed after more than seven days from the purchase. IKEA’s return limit is of 90 days while Sears does not accept return mattresses after it’s been used for a month.

To get a refund at Macy’s, the mattress needs to be undamaged, unsoiled, and not have any stains but won’t give you back the delivery fees and will charge a $99 pickup fee and 15% restocking fee. You might not find the widest variety of mattresses at Costco, but you can be sure you can find someone to take it off your hands, no matter when, where, why and how you return it.

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