14 Costly Problems of Old Homes You Should Watch Out For

How to cut costs: Set aside for maintenance from the start

As a good rule of thumb, you should budget at least 1% to 2% of your home’s value every year for maintenance and repair works. However, if you have an older home, it might be smarter to put aside 3% to 4% for maintenance and repairs, as these may cost more than the ones for more recently built homes.

How to cut costs: Find good professionals

There’s nothing more frustrating (and consequently, more expensive) than having to repair something more than once just because the job was not properly performed the first time around. To avoid such an unpleasant situation, take your time and do your research in terms of quotes, testimonials and recommendations for a certain company or self-employed professional. Analyze what they have to offer in terms of maintenance and repairs and choose the one that you think is reliable.

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