14 Costly Problems of Old Homes You Should Watch Out For

Roof repair or replacement

Roofs might have a long service life but even those said to last 25 to 30 years still need some maintenance and repairs from time to time. An average roof replacement work costs about $9,375 but when it comes to older homes with multi-level roofs, the prices go as high as five figures.

Siding repair or replacement

The current standard for exterior siding is vinyl, due to its durability. Not only are exterior sidings of older homes not vinyl but the older the home, the more likely the siding becomes rotted or cracked and needs to be fully replaced.

The cost to replace or add adding vinyl siding to the entire exterior of a home was somewhere around $13,974 in 2020. Maintenance works are cheaper, so, to make sure you don’t have any unpleasant and expensive surprises, you might want to give your house’s sidings a thorough check every six months or so.

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