Top 10 Myths About Climate Change

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Myth #4. Polar bear numbers are on the rise

Definitely a myth! It’s important to remember that climate change is the biggest threat to polar bears up to this day. In fact, the Arctic is warming twice as fast compared to the rest of the world, therefore, sea ice will melt earlier than usual, and form later than it’s supposed to.

This effect of climate change makes it even more difficult for female polar bears to go to the land every autumn and build their dens. At the same time, they will also find it very hard to get into the sea ice during springtime, to search for food for their cubs, as their main food source, seals, are also highly affected by climate change.

Moreover, polar bears now how to survive with less food than ever before, which makes it so much harder. Unfortunately, if we don’t do something about it, polar bear populations are expected to drop by 30 percent in 30 years.

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