Top 10 Myths About Climate Change


Myth #7. Global warming will destroy the planet by 2030

Well yeah, there are four categories of people when it comes to climate change: those who deny its existence, those who believe in it but make no effort to help, those who believe in it and do something about it, and climate doomists who believe our planet will get destroyed by 2030.

Which category do you fall into? It’s definitely a myth that Earth will get destroyed by 2030, even though we need to do something to get emissions under control in order to keep it under two degrees.

But that doesn’t mean we’re going to explode if we don’t manage to do it, it just means that it will be warmer than it should be. while it’s true that climate change will affect our planet, and it already does, that doesn’t mean it’s going to blow up.

As Deepti Singh has explained, “but it does mean that the way of life and the livelihoods and the things people depend on are going to be affected. There are already people who have been displaced because of sea-level rise, people that are experiencing life-threatening heart conditions.”

Putting a date on it is actually impossible, he added.

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