15 Things About ALDI Stores That No One Tells You

Store Brands Are Cheaper Than Name Brands

Aldi claims shoppers can save up to 50% by switching to its store brands from national brands, based on its own price comparisons. We decided to put Aldi’s claim to the test. At a Washington, D.C.-area Aldi, a 13-ounce bag of Clancy’s restaurant-style tortilla chips cost 89 cents, while the same size package of Tostitos cost $4.99 at a nearby Safeway. A dozen Goldhen eggs costs $1.12 cents at Aldi, while a comparable carton of Lucerne eggs totaled $2.29 at Safeway. An 8-ounce container of Simply Nature Organic classic hummus was $2.55 at Aldi, while the same size package of Tribe classic hummus cost $4.59 at Safeway. Bottom line: The three items we priced were about 60% cheaper at Aldi than at Safeway.

Everything isn’t always cheaper at Aldi, however. Since you can’t use coupons at Aldi, Cindy Livesey, founder of website LivingRichWithCoupons.com, says you may be able to find better deals on such items as cereal and paper goods at a grocery store that does accept them. This is especially true when you combine manufacturer coupons with supermarket sales.

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