15 Things About ALDI Stores That No One Tells You

Not Satisfied? Get a Replacement and a Refund

Aldi’s “Double Guarantee” policy is designed to ensure that customers are completely satisfied with their purchases. Say you buy a box of store-brand cereal from the discount grocer and end up hating it compared to your usual name-brand cereal. Simply return the cereal, including original packaging, to the store manager to receive a full refund and a replacement item.

Note that Aldi’s guarantee does not apply to certain items including alcohol and national name-brand products.

Multiple Bar Codes Make Checkout Faster

You’ll notice that all of Aldi’s store-brand products have multiple barcodes on them. This is intentional, says Ruggles, the Aldi spokeswoman. The design allows for a quicker checkout, because Aldi cashiers don’t have to waste time searching for a single barcode to scan on each item in your shopping cart.

That’s not the only way Aldi shoppers can save time. Since product selection is limited, stores are smaller than traditional supermarkets, and layouts are consistent from store to store, it can be faster to find everything on your shopping list at Aldi.

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