21 Obvious Signs You’re Too Stingy With Money

You don’t splurge on birthdays

Every year, it’s the same story: you all gather around the table, ready to blow the candles on the birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday. And every time, you do the same thing: you use candles of varying heights, left from previous birthday parties.

No one is saying you should go overboard and hire clowns, ponies, a music band and whatnot, but you can at least spend a few dollars on a box of birthday candles for a special occasion. It happens once a year so it’s not like you’re going to go bankrupt.

You collect condiments

You’re the type of person who hasn’t bought salt, pepper, ketchup, or mustard in decades. Why should you when you can find it all for free at a fast-food restaurant and replenish your stock of condiments there?

But do you know what the downside is? If you want to prepare a certain recipe, you should know that opening a dozen of small packages won’t help you obtain the required amount of something you need to prepare that dish.

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