21 Obvious Signs You’re Too Stingy With Money

You give restaurant freebies a new definition

Nothing gives you more satisfaction when dining out than receiving restaurant freebies. A basket of warm rolls here, some spreads there, and you’ve practically had your dinner. To top things off, you put some in your little plastic container, for later.

Waiters might be surprised you’ve managed to eat everything in such a short time but you’re the one who gets to enjoy some of the freebies for lunch the next day. It might not taste the same, but hey, it’s not like you paid anything for it, is it?

You take DIY cleaning to extremes

Everyone knows this cleaning trick: when you’re out of cleaning wipes, use old sheets or shirts as rags. But when you start cutting your family’s favorite T-shirts and turn them into rags just to save some bucks, that’s when you’ve taken this household trick to a whole new level. Instead of ruining their wardrobe, check out these 8 DIY Home Hacks That Will Improve Your Life.

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