21 Obvious Signs You’re Too Stingy With Money

You don’t know when it’s time to throw away a sweatshirt

Speaking of leaving things in the past, the same goes for your worn-out sweatshirt. It might represent your triumph over a fancy and expensive designer sweatshirt but it is also a virtual menu of all the things you’ve eaten or drank even since you bought it, from the spilled ketchup sauce from a barbecue with friends to the beer from Super Bowl XXX.

It’s time to give this “Hall of Stains” the rest it deserves and buy yourself a replacement.

You ration light bulbs

You have the habit of turning the lights off whenever you leave the room. Nothing wrong with that. But when you refuse to spend money to replace broken light bulbs, in hopes of saving money on energy, that’s when things take a darker turn. Literally.

You’ll rather stay in the dark or in a poorly lit house than spend another dime on new light bulbs. In the end, you’ll not only have to buy new light bulbs but also a pair of eyeglasses because of all those times you’ve squinted your eyes to read something.

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