21 Obvious Signs You’re Too Stingy With Money

You overwear your socks until they disappear on their own

Why spend money on a new pair of socks when you can stitch the old ones and wear them for a little while longer? It’s not even that difficult to fix a hole in a sock. But when one hole turns into two, then into three and so on, it’s only a matter of time before your socks disintegrate on their own, not bearing to be worn one more time.

Besides, you might save money by extending the life of your socks for as long as possible but you’re not going to be able to save face when you go for a visit and have to take your shoes off, showing everyone your stitched socks.

You always cut your own hair

We’ve all tried to cut our own hair at some point in life, either out of boredom or as a spur-of-the-moment thing. Not to mention the numerous times our moms played with our locks (and dignity) and chopped our hair. We’re all familiar with bowl haircuts and uneven edges. But most of us learned that it’s best to leave your hair in the hands of a professional.

But not you. You’ve mastered the art of self-haircut, or so you think, and keep doing it to your hair over and over again. Even worse, you also subject your partner or children to the same “hair treatment”. Getting a nice haircut might cost money but for your hair’s sake, and that of your partner and children, please stop.

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