3 Simple Rituals That Will Change Your Life

Map out your day

Now that you’re in the most optimal mental state, don’t make the mistake of even thinking about checking your email because once you open your inbox, you’ll get sucked into a whirlpool of others’ needs and requests. Instead, set quiet space free of distraction to plan what your day will look like.

To simplify so that this ten-minute ritual doesn’t hijack you into stress mode, come up with one or two goals you want to accomplish before heading home. To ensure success, make sure to break these down into smaller tasks in support of those goals so it doesn’t feel like you’re staring up at Mt. Everest when you begin your day.

If you’re not 100 percent sure of those goals, reflect on what your true priorities are going to be for the next eight or nine hours in relation to being a positive influence on others. Think about how best to answer three very important questions:

  • What significant impact will I make on people today?
  • What is that one gift I will give to improve the life of someone else today?
  • Whom will I boldly serve to fulfill my work or life’s purpose today?
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