4 Loving Things Unhappy Husbands Should Do INSTEAD Of Cheating

For all the miserable husbands out there…
When Ashley Madison’s confidential data leaked, extremely Christian Josh Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting was exposed as a member of the controversial affair website. But he was just ONE of 39 million subscribers in 53 countries on Ashley Madison. Is no one faithful these days? Do all men cheat?
What I’ve found through my practice over the years are the top five things men are looking for when they decide to enter into an extramarital affair, unconsciously in many cases. (It’s really not just about the sex, seriously!)
So how do we solve this problem?

Certainly, we do not condone or excuse the act of infidelity but we do want to decrease the odds of him cheating. When a man thinks about cheating it’s likely that he’s not happy about the relationship he’s in and/or that something is missing.
What also seems to happen is that men feel victimized by their relationship and believe they have no power to influence a change. “If only she would…” is often a refrain that many married men espouse and yet they say nothing to their partner. Or complain that when they try, she just doesn’t listen.

Yes, the obvious answer is that if he’s unhappy he should leave the relationship but as most things in life, it’s not usually a black and white situation. Sure there’s a part that the partner plays in all this but I’m talking about the male side of the equation and what the man can do to find what he’s looking for within his relationship.
So men, if you’re unhappy but are not planning on leaving, here’s what men should do instead of cheat.

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