40 Scams People Over 40 Should Stop Falling For

With age comes wisdom…in most cases. Of course, there’s an exception to the rule: scams.

When it comes to scams—particularly those based online, where a person who grew up in an era before the internet might be more gullible than their younger and savvier counterparts—people over 40 just can’t seem to stop falling prey. Apparently, the promise of wealth, romance, or free Springsteen tickets is too enticing to allow for lucid thought. (Insidious “fishing” threats of lawsuits and audits are quite effective, too.) A few careless clicks later, and bam! You’re out some serious cash.

The good news is that protecting yourself is no tall order. If you know what, exactly, to look out for, you can safeguard yourself against even the worst hoodwinking attempts out there. Here, we’ve rounded up the common rackets and insidious shakedowns grifters tend to deploy with startling frequency. And, for good measure, we’ve included a few fringe scams, too—because, apparently, you never know what might pop up in your inbox. And for more ways to fortify yourself against the scams of the world, check out 20 Subtle Signs Your Identity Has Been Stolen.

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