8 Reasons Why You Need to Skip Buying These 8 Kirkland Products at Costco

While there are lots of great Kirkland Signature products available at your local Costco, here we are going to tell you what products you need to leave on their shelves and change your shopping habits.

Kirkland detergent(s)

Unless you are doing boatloads of laundry, you should avoid buying detergents in bulk since they only maintain their cleaning power for six months to a year, per Good Housekeeping. Plus, other stores tend to have more coupons and deals for detergent than Costco. One blogger found a detergent on sale that equals $0.03 per load compared to Kirkland’s $0.115 per load. The Kirkland Signature Gel dishwashing detergent isn’t much of a hit either, with a poor overall score from Consumer Reports.

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