8 Ways to Clean your House After You’ve Been Sick

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The new coronavirus continues to spread all over the world and authorities continue to inform us of essential practices that can minimize the risk of transmission. So, one of the most important rules that we have to take into consideration if we want to stay safe is following strict hygiene rituals, such as not touching your face, washing your hands often for at least twenty seconds, cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze, use hand sanitizer when you are in public areas and the list goes on. 

As you probably know, bacteria and viruses can spread in so many different ways and this is why it is so important to keep social distancing and self isolation because it is said that coronavirus can remain on surfaces for up to a few days as well. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence at this time, but research is ongoing. Thus, not only can you catch the virus just by touching something that someone else has touched, but you can take it with you at home and it can still live in your house even after you have been sick. 

“When it comes to cleaning, any surface that is commonly touched, which we call high-touch surfaces, is a risk factor for spreading the flu,” says microbiologist and immunologist, Jason Tetro. Therefore, your house should be disinfected even after the common flu. 

You should be responsible these days and do not forget that it is crucial to protect your family as well, so clean your home properly and make sure that no one catches anything. Whether you are bored and want some activities that can keep you busy or you have been sick, you should clean your house often during the coronavirus outbreak. 

“So cleaning substantially reduces the risk of spreading an infection; disinfection, when done properly, makes this risk pretty much zero,” said microbiologist and Ph.D. candidate at Harvard University, Francesca Tomasi. 

So, even if you have been suffering from common flu or COVID-19, you should follow these cleaning tips to properly disinfect your home! Read on for more info.

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