9 Amazing American Mountain Towns You’ll Want To Retire To

Dubois, Wyoming

Here’s a town that has kept its old West roots to this day. You’ll find Dubois after a scenic drive between the Absarokas and Wind River Mountains. There, you’ll feel like you’ve been sucked right into the history books or an old Western movies with its authentic atmosphere and buildings.

It’s pretty much the ideal place to escape from the big city, as wildflowers and wildlife are plentiful here, so you can get in touch with nature during your retirement with nothing holding you back.

The historic downtown is peppered with boutiques and galleries and even two old-school taverns. They also hold weekly square dances and small-town roads for you to immerse yourself in this community. There’s also the National Bighorn Sheep Interpretive Center, a nonprofit organization who seeks to inspire, educate and preserve.

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