9 Reasons You Should File Your Taxes NOW!


There it went, your tax filing deadline. Or, did it? Maybe that was just your imagination, because the IRS has graciously given us one more month to file out federal income tax returns. That means that you have until May 17th to file your taxes as opposed to April 15th.

Your first thought might be that this is great. This will give you a little more time. But here’s what you’ll gain if you file your taxes before that deadline: peace of mind, time, money.

We all know the feeling of relief that comes over us after we file our taxes. This is no different. So doing it sooner rather than later will definitely help you with your stress levels- something we’re sure everyone needs after the year we’ve had.

Do you need another push? Luckily for you, if you’re on the fence, we’ve prepared a couple of reasons that will help you file sooner.

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