9 Rude Behavior People Think Are Polite, Thanks to Coronavirus

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Sadly, many things have changed because of coronavirus pandemic, from the way we wash our hands and clean our house to the way we greet each other, and we have to follow these informal rules from now on if we want to stay safe. 

Paradoxically, many polite things that we once did for others, now they have become rude behaviors. Therefore, in order not to annoy others, we must be aware of things that have changed all this time and try to avoid them. 

However, it’s very important o be polite. Politeness exists in all cultures, languages and countries around the world and is one of the most important things in life, so people should follow some etiquette rules if they want to be respected by others. According to experts, people who are polite are more likely to achieve their goals and get what they want, because they take other people seriously and show respect. 

With the help of etiquette pros and other top experts, we collected some behaviors that were once considered polite, but now are rude. Read on for more info!

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