9 Rude Behavior People Think Are Polite, Thanks to Coronavirus

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You don’t share your food

Well, even though it may sound mean, it’s perfectly fine to keep your food only for yourself when you eat with your friend, because this way you will prevent coronavirus. Of course, you can share your food, but only if the other person doesn’t touch it and you both use disposable cutlery.

“Sharing food or drinks—even just a small bite or taste—can facilitate the spread of infection,” explains Gary Linkov, MD, an ENT and facial reconstructive surgeon with City Facial Plastics. “If an individual is infected with coronavirus, he or she may contaminate their food, plate, cutlery, and drinking glasses,” he explains.


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You don’t give someone your business card

You don’t need a business card when you have a phone number, email, website and so on. If someone wants to talk to you about business, they can call you.

“You won’t want to receive or present your business card even when asked” amid the pandemic, says etiquette expert Maryanne Parker, founder of Manor of Manners. “There are many other forms of digital communication that are utilized very successfully by all of us.”

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