Advice About Life Only a Heartache Can Teach You

Have you ever seen a teenager lose his or her first love? Or maybe you’ve seen someone’s marriage fall apart? Maybe you’ve seen someone left at the altar?

Heartache is a wicked, cruel, and unfair thing, but it’s a universal feeling. No one skates by in life without at least one broken heart, but the truth is you wouldn’t really know what love is without having your heart be pounded, broken, and demolished, now would you? As much as heartache can take days, weeks, months, and sometimes (although this is super unhealthy) years to get over, it teaches us so much. Heartache is tough, but it is a moment in time in which you can grow.

Taking your tears, sleepless nights, and stomachaches and turning them into ways to better understand your relationships and yourself is where heartache becomes its most powerful. Take it from someone who is no stranger to heartache, I promise: you become a better and stronger version of you after you’ve gone through it. Keep reading for these life lessons you can only learn from getting your heart broken.

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