Amazing Ways to Be Kinder to Yourself Every Day

Maybe you’re always the one spending so much time making sure everyone around you is comfortable, happy, and well taken care of. The problem is it’s easy to forget that you could use some of that kindness, too—and who better to give it than yourself?

So, instead of packing your schedule too heavily, cutting yourself down, and constantly comparing yourself to others, here are some ways to start being a little nicer to yourself every day.

Stop Counting Calories

There’s no reason to spend every day measuring out and adding up everything you put on your plate.

Not only can all that counting drive you crazy, but it’s not even allowing you to fill your body up with some of the healthy, higher-calorie foods—like avocados, nuts, and potatoes—that will make you feel way better than any low-calorie, “diet-friendly” option.

Make Yourself a Latte

Instead of hitting up your regular coffee shop, take the time in the morning to make yourself a latte you love. Maybe that’s matcha, turmeric—you name it. When you’re not rushing off and can spend a few extra minutes making yourself a drink just how you like it, your day is bound to be a great one.

Do Something That Excites You

You should never go to bed at night without having done at least one thing for you—not just your significant other, your kids, or your boss. Find the thing that excites you and make sure you squeeze it into your schedule. When you take that time for yourself, you’ll be much happier in the end.

Know You Can’t Do It All

As nice as it would be to be Wonder Woman, that’s just not ever going to happen. There’s only one of those, and she’s a fictional character.

If you can’t get through everything on your to-do list and please everyone every single day, don’t get down about it. You’re only human, after all.

Stretch It Out

Being kinder to yourself starts with being kinder to your body, and one way to make sure you’re feeling your best is doing some stretching.

According to researchers at UC Davis, adding it into your daily routine can help calm your mind, improve your posture, increase energy and flexibility, prevent injuries, and release any tension in your body.



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