Free 100 Safety Tips for Seniors

safety for seniors

With more than 26% of Americans 65 years or older living alone, keeping the elderly safe has become an important concern for families and caregivers alike.

Being aware of potential dangers means that we can better prepare in case of an emergency, prevent accidents and ensure that our senior loved ones are safe and healthy.

Learn how to make your elderly’s home safe, prevent financial abuse, stay healthy and more with these easy senior safety tips:




It’s no surprise that the vast majority of the elderly prefer to remain in their homes and within their communities as they grow older. However, for most Americans, aging in place presents new challenges around home senior safety and injury prevention.

Here are some simple and effective senior safety tips to make your home secure for your elderly loved ones:

1. Declutter your house to make sure you have plenty of space to walk around. Less clutter also means less risk of falls.

2. Make sure all rugs have anti-slipping pads.

3. Cover furniture corners to prevent injuries if you accidentally bump into them.

4. Make sure every room has proper lighting, including walk-in closets. Use nightlight to make it easy to see at night.

5. Install light switches at the top and bottom of your staircases.

6. If your home has different floor levels, use proper markings and make sure they are visible.

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