Get Your Stocking Stuffers Ready! Here Are Amazon’s Best Picks!

For one reason or another stocking stuffers are usually forgotten until the very end of the shopping trip. You know the feeling! You’re on your way to the checkout lane, the lines are huge, and you’re bombarded with small (albeit cute and attractive) items.

These are usually marked up for the season, depending on where you’re shopping. And they’re placed there specifically to make you add them to your basket without a second thought.

But this Holiday season, let’s buy things that are more personal, affordable, and useful! We’ve scoured Amazon and found these great picks- we guarantee they won’t end up in the trash, even if they’re not as flashy as the gifts your friends and family will likely find under the Christmas tree!

Tile Sport Tracker

Do you have a friend or family member that seems to always misplace their keys or other important items? Then they desperately need to find the Tile Sport Tracker in their stockings this year.

Connect the tiny Bluetooth device to an app. When an item disappears into thin air, ring the tracker from the app and find it immediately. It has a range of 200 feet, so they won’t need to turn the house upside down anymore.

It also works in reverse. If they lose their phone they can press a button on the tracker to force it to ring, and it even works if the phone is on silent. Grab it for only $16.


WowWee Baby Shark Song Puppet

If you want to make Christmas really special for a toddler in your life without breaking the bank, then the WowWee Baby Shark Song Puppet is the right pick. It plays the “Baby Shark” song slower or faster depending on how fast you move the mouth with your hand.

Just watch out as some parents might stare daggers at you once this silly gift is revealed!


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