How to Detox and Declutter Your Mind and Soul

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It’s like clockwork: Every spring, you declutter your home, booting all the things you don’t need from your space. But when do you take the time to cleanse your mind and soul?

With the new year quickly approaching, there’s no better time than now to put the focus on your mental health and make sure you kick off 2019 feeling your absolute best.

Here are some ways to give yourself a nice detox, from ridding your life of negative people to rethinking the way you spend your time.

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Cut Out the Toxic People in Your Life

Do you have someone in your life who always makes you feel worse after being around them? Even if it’s a family member or a friend you’ve been close with since you were kids, there’s no reason to keep a toxic person around if the relationship isn’t benefiting you or making you happy.

Whether they have no boundaries, add unnecessary stress or drama to your life, or affect your other relationships, cut them loose: They’re cluttering up your mind and soul more than you even realize.

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Spend Time with People Who Make You Feel Good

There’s a major plus to cutting the negative people out of your life: You have more time for those who make you feel amazing. Make sure you’re setting aside time to plan something fun with those you love—even if that’s just a quick dinner or coffee date.

Something as short as chatting with a friend you care about—and who genuinely cares about you—for 15 minutes can help get rid of some stress and boost your spirit, making you feel whole.

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Go on a Daily Walk Out in Nature

With all the chaos of everyday life, there’s nothing like taking a walk through nature. Past research has shown many times just how soothing it can be for your mind and soul. In fact, a 2015 study from Stanford found something as simple as taking a 90-minute walk or hike in a natural area made the participants feel happier and more relaxed overall, even reducing their risk of depression.

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Get Rid of Your Clutter

Didn’t quite get to your spring cleaning this year? It’s never too late. It doesn’t seem like getting rid of the physical clutter piled up on your desk and kitchen counter would do that much good in helping declutter your mind, but it does. After you have a clean space to spend your time in, you’ll no longer feel bogged down and stressed out by your surroundings, making you feel lighter and more energized overall.

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Stop Scrolling Through Instagram

One of the biggest time-wasters of the day? Endlessly scrolling through social media. Not only does it take time away from other, more fulfilling things you could be doing—as well as the people around you—but it’s also really great at cluttering your mind.

A 2017 survey found it was the worst social media network for mental health and overall wellbeing, making the participants feel anxious and depressed. So log off and find something that makes you feel full—not constantly empty.

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Take a Pottery Class

Instead of scrolling through social media, find something else to do with your hands—like pottery. Spinning clay and getting your hands dirty is known as being an incredibly therapeutic activity, letting you get some stress relief while also creating something beautiful you can proudly display in your home as a reminder to keep striving for those relaxed, positive feelings.



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