If You Hate Driving Here Are the Best Cities for You

Road trips aren’t for everybody; in fact, cities around America have been making major changes to become more friendly to bike-riders and pedestrians. Public transportation is now a priority in many urban areas and streets are being redeveloped to be more attractive for walking, especially for younger people who might not use a car.

To back that up, data shows that millennials actually rely on biking and public transportation far more than previous generations. As Americans in urban areas move away from automobiles as their primary form of transit, it’s helpful to know which cities cater to those who choose to go car-less for any number of reasons.

To identify the best cities for people who hate driving, Stacker used data from Walk Score that combines the site’s patented Walk Score, Transit Score, and Bike Score methodology to form a “Green Transit Score.” This data analyzes hundreds of routes based on their distance to certain amenities, as well as population density, biking infrastructure, and transit route usefulness. Any ties were broken by the city with the higher population. Find out more! 

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