Simple Pleasures of Everyday Life That Will Make You Happy

They say that happiness is found in little gestures and details of everyday life, but sometimes we don’t even notice these small things that bring us joy and make us laugh inside!

From small daily wins, to well-deserved vacations, to hearing your favorite music playing in a club, we made a list of these simple pleasures that people are at risk of forgetting about.

It’s Friday!

The beginning of the long-awaited weekend!

That’s my song!

When the DJ plays your favorite song!

The first day of vacation

That feeling of wanting to embrace the world, of having time to know places and to do a million things… Even if, in the end, you don’t do any of those things!

Finishing a marathon

Anyone who finishes a long-distance race feels like a winner, even when coming last.

Popping bubble wrap

Why is it so pleasurable and addictive?

Playing the game

Successfully flirting with someone beautiful.

Receiving messages

When you’re interested in someone and they send you messages! To discuss it with a friend is also a part of the ritual, obviously!



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