Small Acts of Kindness You Can Do That Will Change Your Life

Sure, you may be well aware of the obvious benefits others reap from your acts of kindness. But get this: those habits can also boost your mood and increase the amount of positivity in your life.

No matter how significant or insignificant the charitable endeavor may be—whether it’s as small as a positive Yelp review or as large as, well, a large tip—it’s likely to have big consequences on your own mental health. And don’t just take it from us. Take it from actual science: in recent years, psychologists and researchers have found that even the smallest acts of kindness can create a rebound effect on your own psyche.

So, in order for you to enjoy a happier and more fulfilled day-to-day existence, we’ve uncovered all of the small acts of kindness that can completely transform your outlook and perspective. Oh, and you’ll also make other people happy, too.

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