Summer Vacation Fails to Avoid

Anticipation is a strange thing. Often, we look forward to our vacation for weeks or months and by the time vacation is over, it feels like we need yet another just to recover. Avoid these fails to make sure your vacation is actually the rest and relaxation you deserve.

Not Having a Plan

Winging it is for a weekend at the beach. Set your sights higher. Start making plans now for your vacation to make sure you don’t end up with regret down the road.


As important as planning can be, the worst person to vacation with is the person who thinks their plans are the be-all, end-all of the group’s enjoyment. Make your plans, but putting together an itinerary with every single minute sketched out isn’t really a vacation, is it?

Passport/Real ID

Make sure recent rule changes on passports and Real ID don’t keep you off the plane when it’s time to fly. Heck, even if you’re planning a road trip, take this reminder as your opportunity to make sure you’re up to date.

Winging Your Budget

If you had wanted to spend a couple of thousand dollars, you’d have flown to Europe or hopped on a cruise ship. Don’t let budget creep turn your modest holiday into years of credit card debt that makes you regret leaving home.

Not Calling a Travel Agent

Planning is awesome, and many of us are really good at it. You know what, though? When I want perfection, I trust the experts. Travel agents have access to rates, upgrades and perks you know nothing about. Don’t let your pride get in the way of saving money and having the best time possible.

Overseas Tech Issues

The wrong charger or adapter can ruin your vacation more quickly than rain.



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