The 35 Worst Restaurant Meals for Your Heart

Things that have changed over the past 80 years: popular baby names, fashion trends, and the size of phones. Things that have not? The leading cause of death in America: heart disease.

Given that for the past 80 years, heart disease has been the number one killer of Americans, you would think we would do more to stop it. Among the roads to better heart health are more exercise, getting the right amount of sleep and, yes, eating well.
One of the easiest ways to disrupt this vital organ’s strength is to fuel it with junk. Think of your heart like a finely tuned sports car. You wouldn’t fill it with the cheapest gas. No, you’d join the cue at the premium pump. So it’s time we do that to our bodies.

Because we know we often tend to our body by giving it a night off from cooking, we found the menu items at the country’s most popular chains that sabotage our hearts with too much salt, too much fat, and too much sugar. And while we’re on this health kick take a peak at the 50 Unhealthiest Foods On The Planet.

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