The Best College Dorms in America

If you attend High Point University and live in one of its many residence and apartment halls, you’re likely living in the best dorm in the country.

School-ranking website Niche ranked the best college dorms based on several factors, including housing cost, housing capacity, and student housing crime rate. Niche heavily weighed student ratings as well, based on reviews given by their users.

Of the top 15 universities, nine were Christian schools and 13 were private. Some of the amenities that set these schools apart included newly renovated residence halls, private bathrooms, full-sized kitchens, and even private rooms.

Florida Gulf Coast University — Fort Myers, Florida

Niche’s dorm rating: A+

Undergrads in college housing: 35%

According to a student: “The dorms on this campus are simply the best. There are separate bedrooms so the privacy is fantastic but in some of the dorms there is a common area, therefore you are able to have that social aspect with your roommates.”

Regent University — Virginia Beach, Virginia

Niche’s dorm rating: A+

Freshmen living on-campus: 59%

According to a student: “On-campus housing is excellent at Regent University! There is a fully functional kitchen, decent storage space, free laundry and workout facilities, and individual mailboxes. There is generally good community in the halls, and there are hall events occasionally, and Life Group meetings regularly.”

University of Northwestern – St. Paul — St. Paul, Minnesota

Niche’s dorm rating: A+

Freshmen living on-campus: 95%

According to a student: “Campus Housing at the University of Northwestern is great. The dorms in the main housing complex (Student Center) are extremely spacious and include individual bathrooms, sinks, and mini kitchen in each room.”

Santa Clara University — Santa Clara, California

Niche’s dorm rating: A+

Undergrads in college housing: 55%

According to a student: “Living on campus is great, I definitely recommend it for freshmen and sophomores. The CF’s (different name for RA’s) are awesome, responsible, and reasonable; all really important traits you want in a CF/RA. The dorms are well located and close to your classes and some dorms even have classrooms in them, which is awesome.”

Rice University — Houston

Niche’s dorm rating: A+

Undergrads in college housing: 72%

According to a student: “I love the living situation here. The residential college system is wonderful and unique. The only downside is that you have a chance of having to live off campus for one year, but it is a good experience.”



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